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Fire Doors

Started by CuriousH, September 27, 2018, 01:33:38 PM

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Hi Everyone

One nightmare piece of information I am trying to find out about is, does every internal room door need to be a fire door.  I am refurbishing my flat in Westminster to be rented out and for the life of me I cant find out if this is legislation or not.  Can anyone help with this?

Thanks all

Laura Langhorn


If the property is not an HMO then you don't need fire doors.  What type of property is it?


I know this is an old thread, but people might come back and read it and get the wrong impression, so I felt the need to add a post.  The front door of a flat DOES need to be a fire door, even if it's not an HMO.

Best practice:- Whenever replacing internal doors in any let property, always install half-hour fire resisting doors with door closers; and always put a clause in your tenancy agreement to say the tenant mustn't disable or interfere with the door closers.