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Noise and vibrations from next door martial arts studio

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Author Topic: Noise and vibrations from next door martial arts studio  (Read 171 times)
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« on: February 10, 2020, 08:41:43 PM »


I'm renting a one bed flat in a recently refurbished set of new flats. Myself and the other tenants are the first people to live in these flats since they were built. However, after moving in I heard and felt what was like an earthquake or about 20 people running/falling down the stairs. Turned out directly next door was a martial arts studio! Its incredibly disruptive and its the vibrations that are the worst. They have been so bad that items have fallen off counter tops. The studio is on my level and directly the other side of the wall. The classes run from around 3.30pm-9pm Monday to Friday and then 8am-14:30 Saturday and Sunday. So I dont get much relief. And as I say- its unbearable at times. But I really like the location and if the noise and vibrations weren't there - it would be perfect.

I felt really anxious about getting in contact with my landlord as you hear horror stories! but I did, and he was really kind and understanding and very apologetic. He said it was completely his mistake and that he should've realised what the next door premises were used for when applying for planning permission and building the flats. Apparently they do things called noise or sound reports and this gives the builders a sense of the necessary work to do if there are disruptive noises from neighbouring properties and I think you need it so you can get planning permission. So I felt relieved and he said he would put a 15mm extra layer of wall in the flat to insulate it. So he said he would get back to me about the next steps. So I'm still waiting to hear from him, its not been long, only about 3 weeks. But here's my question(s): it bugs me that I have been living here with so much noise and disruption from the studio. The landlord has been honest and said its something that should've been dealt with before the flats were rented but he just didn't know about next door. And now, although I of course want the issue to be resolved, I'm going to have to have significant works done to the flat. So I'm wondering if I'm in the position to ask for a) a rental reduction based on these issues and b) some sort of compensation/reimbursement for the rent I have already paid as the flats shouldn't have been built and rented without the sound/vibration insulation there beforehand? As I say, my landlord seems really nice but I dont want to annoy him or give him cause to want me to leave!

Also, my rent has gone up too which again, annoys me a little given I have very little peace in the flat....

Any advice would be most welcome and thank you!!

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« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2020, 09:01:16 PM »

Don't annoy him or give him cause to want you to leave.

Of course, you can ask anyone for anything... but you already knew that. What you mean is... can you get something from someone without them feeling badly about it? Only you know. Whether you're entitled to it, or not, doesn't seem relevant. It's about how the ask will be received. I can only speak for myself... if I was going to remediate the issue and it genuinely was the first I'd known about it I might hope that would be enough. But that's me. Any other Landlord on here might pipe-up with a different view, but that's all it would be - views.

So, it's back to you. Quoting some kind of legislation at someone, even if it existed, never goes down well.
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« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2020, 09:12:14 PM »


Thank you, thats really helpful. Yes, I think he will be fine about it as I say, he's been really nice so far and I certainly wont be confrontational or rude. I'll just ask if we can have a chat about it when he next gets in touch to discuss the works. and that way I can get a sense of what needs to be done in the flat and if I need to move out while the work is being done.

Thanks again

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