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Landlord - Company dissolved - is the contract valid ?

Started by lexus250, March 13, 2024, 07:25:13 PM

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So I hope someone can offer me advice.

I had a second look at my contract and noticed that the company, listed as the landlord is dissolved.
I signed the contract in september 2023 and the company was dissolved in january 2023.

Is the contract a valid contract ?

Note: I rented the house through an agency.


It takes a lot to make a whole agreement "invalid". So, probably not.

You're living in a property and paying rent, so there's some kind of tenancy, and you've been given a set of terms that you've agreed to, so there's no reason to think they're invalid. I'm not sure how the agreement being invalid would help you.

The landlord can correct that with a formal notice to you. But you could, quite reasonably, for example, claim a s21 notice isn't valid if one is sent without the landlord correcting the name on the agreement.


As hinted at, the answer to the question is less interesting than the reason for the question in the first place. If the answer is concluded to be "no" by various strangers on the Internet, then does that imply some form of action will be taken?