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Landlord's responsibilities to neighbour's harassment before and after renting

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Author Topic: Landlord's responsibilities to neighbour's harassment before and after renting  (Read 78 times)
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« on: October 29, 2021, 12:38:14 PM »

Hi everyone,

I am new here, My family and I have had the worst experience as a tenant.

We moved in a flat 6 months ago and we soon realised that there had been threats from a neighbour's anti social behaviours which included noise, nuisance and sexual harassment. I was told by other residents in the building that these anti social behaviours has been happening for more than a year. However, the landlord said he had never been aware of these threats.

The situation has escalated that my wife and my visitors have bad experience from sexual harassment. We always felt unsafe every time we went out. All were reported to Police, landlord and the building management team, but were not solved. Therefore, we decided to move out. The property agent charged us around 146 per month for another 6months for early termination fees. As we trusted the landlord saying that not have been aware of the threats. We had no choice and wanted to move out asap, then agreed to pay the fees. After some conversations with other residents, they thought that the landlord should've known the threats before we moved in  >:(.

Anw, that was over, they found alternative tenants already. The thing I am concerning is that it would not fair if new tenants move in without knowing the threats which are very serious. And if the new tenants would face the same issues, they would have to suffer from the threats or to pay early termination fees again which might potentially be a new way for agent/landlord to make money. I think I also have a responsibility to prevent this happen to other tenants

I have researched and could've found any policies saying about the landlord's or letting agent's possibilities about letting tenants know about the threats before renting out the properties and their obligations if they hide this information to tenants.

Could any one advise or show me any policy saying about their responsibilities and obligations? also  what I should do to prevent this happen again?

Much appreciated,

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« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2021, 04:23:32 PM »

As far as I know,there is no legal obligation for anyone to inform rental tenants of such issues. If you sell a house you have to declare if there has been a problem with neighbours.This is why many people do not contact the police,so there is nothing on record if they come to sell.
I have had tenants move out in similar circumstances,and have not penalised them by charging rent for the remaining lease.
Had you stayed there,you could have involved your town counsellor or MP. This can lead to the police taking it more seriously,and maybe issuing an Asbo or whatever they call them.I doubt if you can exert any influence now.You also must bear in mind that some people may not be intimidated,and will shrug off such behaviour or deal with it in their own way. Unless everyone in the block moves out, the landlord won't care.
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