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Gas leak in flat - please any advice!

Started by Emmalew89, April 21, 2024, 11:46:42 PM

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Hi everyone, I'm new here so apologies if this is in the wrong section.
I am currently renting a small flat and have been here for almost 3 months, in those 3 months I have occasionally smelt a strong gas odour in the entrance hallway/staircase below my flat, it is not something I reported as it would come and go so I assumed I was just being paranoid and ignored it (silly I know.) however recently this same gas smell started lingering in my flat, coming from the kitchen and just lingering in all the rooms. It was very strong so I rang the emergency gas utility and they sent someone out to do a safety check etc. He confirmed that there is a small leak, and he capped my supply from the meter for safety and I needed to let my landlord know so that I can get the leak sorted and uncapped.
Straight after he left I got in touch with the estate agents as I don't have direct contact with landlord, it was a awkward phone call as I explained what he had told me but they didn't seem very concerned about it at all and even told me that "it can't be a leak, you had a gas check before you moved in, and your carbon monoxide alarm hasn't bleeped" . I tried explaining that the whole place stinks of gas and this is just what emergency has told me so in the end she told me someone would ring me back and arrange for someone to come out to "see what I'm on about".
 I got the impression that they either asssumed I was being over dramatic or that they just didn't believe me for whatever reason.

Anyways a plumber from the agents came out in the afternoon and checked everything, however he wasn't happy he was called out as apparently he has been called out to this property, this flat in particular, multiple times by past tenants who report the same thing and he is fed up of doing the same checks and saying the same thing. He said every time he's here the entrance is always smelling of gas, but nothing gets done about it and he said that he believes they're smelling it as they walk through the property but pretending that they aren't. He never said who "they" were, but I can only assume he means the agents that come round. After he checked he concluded that my flat isn't the one leaking, but he suspects it's coming from the takeaway property that my flat is above. He then came into the flat and checked over the boiler, uncapped everything but before leaving he said " I'm not saying there's not a leak underneath, if there is you'll just go boom" then went away, but is coming back Monday to check everything's ok.
Personally, I don't feel safe here whatsoever. I've been staying with a friend all weekend but checking on the flat to see if the smell is still there, and it absolutely is. It's strong and I can't just pretend it's not there because it's like a punch in the face as you walk in, sometimes it's only gassy in the entrance below me, sometimes only in the flat and not entrance, and sometimes it's both. Others have suggested it could possibly be under the floorboards, but that's something I need to ask him again on Monday.
I'm struggling with this as I'm not a confident person and I try to just get on with things, especially as I'm clueless when it comes to gas and all that stuff, but I know for a fact it is not normal to smell gas this strong all the time.

I worry that nothing is going to be done about this as he's saying there's no leak, so of course the agents are gonna just go off what he's saying but if it's the takeaway below then I don't know what my options are as I'm unsure if the agents/ landlord can even help with that. And if it's under the floorboards then I have very little faith that they'll want to do anything about it especially now that I know that past tenants have brought this concern up and clearly nothing has been done about it.

I'm in a fixed term contract until feb 25 so I'm literally stuck, I'm paying rent for a place I feel unsafe in and uncomfortable to the point I rather stay over a friends. I dont think I'll be able to leave the contract early but I'm unfamiliar with all that stuff.

I'm not sure what to do next, or if I just have to deal with this smell and concern until it's time to leave, if anyone has any advice please I'd appreciate it tons,
Thank you
Em :)



I would go into the takeaway and ask if they have had it checked for a gas leak.
If you don' t feel you are safe living there you could request to be released from the contract and look for somewhere else to live.


Hi all
Thanks for your replies.
I've tried speaking to the takeaway but they haven't been open for a while and I haven't got another way of contacting them, however I've reported the smell again and mentioned what the plumber suspects so hopefully that will get checked.

I'm hoping it can be resolved as I do enjoy living here for the most part, I understand the agents and landlord can only do so much, so if it's out of their hands I'll have to look at either being released early or see what other options are available to me. My tenancy agreement is fixed term, but I believe it does have a section regarding early termination so I'll have a read over that again to be prepared.

Again thank you for your replies I'm very grateful for any help


Don't talk to the takeaway about the gas leak. Contact British Gas anonymously and say you can smell gas in the takeaway.