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End of tenancy query

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Author Topic: End of tenancy query  (Read 73 times)
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« on: July 05, 2020, 10:03:15 PM »

Good Evening,

Please could somebody help...i am due to end my tenancy on 28th June. Landlord has stated I need to strip all wallpaper from the house (been here 2 year). She has said she will do it if I don't and will charge me 200 out of the deposit (held with DPS). I have been upfront with her from the beginning as soon as my ex partner left that I would be looking for a new house as I can't afford this one on my own. Before I could get bk to her regarding the 200 I had applied for a new house and she text saying let her know if I agree to the 200 and then she'd fill in my reference.
I have looked into my contract and I can't see anywhere where it states anything about no wallpapering. At the start of the tenancy she said do what we like and make the house a home. This house is the second property we've rented through this landlord.
I am just wondering if the request for 200 is understandable,if so, fair enough.
Any help would be much appreciated,thank you in advance
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« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2020, 09:08:24 AM »

This seems to be all about perspective and pragmatism.

On one hand, a deduction of 200 for a 2 year tenancy is not all that bad... on the face of it... it might be worth swallowing that to keep things moving along, and amicable.

On the other, you - as Tenant - are responsible for handing back the property in the same condition you received it in at the beginning of the tenancy (minus fair wear and tear) so in the absence of any specific clauses in the agreement regarding wallpapering this would be true - so you'd have two choices - either revert it to how it was (because what you've done isn't wear and tear, it's redecoration) or accept the deduction, regardless of whatever was said verbally - because we can all say someone said something and maybe they did, maybe they didn't, maybe they didn't mean what you thought they meant... it doesn't matter, it's not in writing. She may have said - "do what you like, make the house a home" - but that doesn't translate to "feel free to wallpaper"... what would translate to that would be "it's OK to put wallpaper up"... and if it was written down you'd not even need to translate.

Lastly, assuming your Deposit was properly protected you could say you'd like to dispute the deduction with the Deposit Protection Scheme used... and that will likely force the Landlord to back down - but at the same time you'll obviously injure the relationship (if you care about that, of course, some people don't, some do).
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