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Started by Laura jubb, November 20, 2023, 09:25:35 PM

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Laura jubb

I have lived at my house for nearly two years, always pay rent in full early every month and I am a good tenent.  My partner passed away suddenly eight months ago and now they want me to find a new guarantor and rereference me but I can't find one ! Help ! My anxiety is sky high


Why do they want to do this?
If you don't know why, what's triggered the request?
Did you ask for your partner to be removed from the tenancy?


You don't mention what type of contract you have. Were you and your partner joint tenants, is it now a periodic tenancy? Are you able to prove that you can continue to afford the rent? If so, I doubt that they can insist on a guarantor. It's not clear from your account, was your partner also your guarantor?