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Deposit not protected & more

Started by LifeIsShortEnjoy, July 21, 2023, 11:05:45 PM

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Dear All
So an update to our issue with our landlord -
We sent a letter via a solicitor to the landlord with no response. Court forms have now been filled in and sent off.
My question is what happens next and does anyone have an idea on length it might take ?
Thank you in advance as always


The court system is somewhat broken at the moment. But your claim will be assigned to a court and a "track" (which is the legal route for the claim to be progressed).
A date for a preliminary hearing should be set and you will probably be asked to accept a mediation session, which your solicitor will probably advise you to accept.


I think it varies according to the area. I sued someone (not a tenant) and action started early March ' 22.  Other party declined mediation, and requested an extra month before responding. Preliminary hearing late August '22, final hearing January ' 23. He did not attend either. This was Leamington Spa court. I have heard of much longer timescales for other regions.