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Selling my house in London from overseas

Started by Collin, November 13, 2021, 05:47:46 AM

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I have been renting out my house in London for the last 25 years as I moved to Australia. My tenant has not paid rent for the last 9 months and I took her to court and the court ordered that she pay the arrears and move out by November 4th. She didn't move out, she hasn't paid any money. I have now applied to evict her - waiting for a date. As a result of this experience I am looking to sell the house.

I don't have anyone in London who can help so am coming to this cold. I have spoken to one company Property Direct who make direct offers on property. They advised the market price of the property is $410K & they would give me $340-350K. They also put me in touch with Pattinsons who will conduct a modern auction and have advised a reserve of $450K. I would get all of this money. I have also looked at what companies like Strike offers.
I am not in a real hurry but want to get this sorted.
Has anyone any experience of selling from afar or advice? Thanks