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Seeking Advice: Unfair Charge by Yopa Without Service Provided

Started by franklandlord, March 05, 2024, 04:02:55 PM

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Hello fellow landlords,

I'm reaching out to share a distressing experience with Yopa, hoping for your insights and advice. I engaged Yopa for property sale services, anticipating a smooth process. Unfortunately, the service fell drastically short of expectations: lack of communication, no viewings arranged, and now, a year later, a £1400 charge for non-existent services.

Despite my repeated complaints, which led to a formal apology from Yopa acknowledging the service failure, they have proceeded to demand payment through Duologi, effectively absolving themselves of responsibility.

This situation not only leaves me frustrated but also at a significant financial and emotional disadvantage, with my property still unsold and considerable time wasted.

I am contemplating escalating this to The Property Ombudsman for an independent review but would greatly appreciate your advice:

    Has anyone experienced similar issues with Yopa or other agencies?
    How did you navigate such disputes, and what was the outcome?
    Would you recommend proceeding with The Property Ombudsman?
    Any suggestions for effectively raising awareness about this issue on social media or other platforms?

Your experiences and advice will be invaluable to me as I navigate this challenging situation. Thank you for your time and support.

Best regards,

A Yopa Customer !


What exactly does the contract you signed with Yopa say about their fees in the event of not being able to sell the property?