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Best flooring for upstairs in a house

Started by HelenDB, September 06, 2022, 10:19:29 AM

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I'm getting new flooring in my house to get it ready to rent, planning on getting high end laminate throughout, except the stairs.  Is it weird to not have carpeted bedrooms, just the laminate?  I want to go with what's more durable as I'm not living the same area as my house, but am concerned that potential renters may be put off if the bedrooms are hard floored rather than carpeted.

What are peoples thoughts about this- what would you go for and why? 

It's a three bed semi, am looking to rent to a couple / young family rather than students / young professionals.

Many thanks!


In my own home and the rentals I only have hard flooring in the kitchen and bathroom.I think most people want a bit of comfort and warmth underfoot.If you are thinking of families,the noise made by kids pounding around upstairs on laminate would be an issue too. Hard-wearing stain resistant carpet is my choice.

Simon Pambin

On my renter I've gone for hard floors on the ground floor but kept the carpets upstairs. Having said that, I've switched to laminate in one bedroom at home and it's been fine so I wouldn't rule out a change come the next big refurb. I suppose on balance more potential renters might be put off by the lack of carpet than would be attracted by the practicality of a Scandi-chic hard floor. It depends who your target market is.


Wooden floors, once scratched, do start to look very messy. Also, I have no idea what high-end laminate really means... but ladies pottering about on laminate floors on high heels (for months and months and months) can leave hundreds of noticeable little dents. Those recalcitrant ladies!

Especially scratches on real wooden floors... something like walnut... when that's had damage done to it, you can start to cry as the Landlord, knowing you will always see it. This is the same for real solid wooden doors (as I have found). You need to spend serious money on what is called a Plastic Surgeon to come out and do their magic (which is possible).

For bedrooms, carpets all the time. Seems a no-brainer to me... I don't think anyone would throw their hands in the air and shout: "No! The rental agreement is off, 'cos there's no hard wood in my bedroom!"

Well, they might... but it wouldn't be about flooring. Everyone has needs.