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Property Ladder: 14th May- Lincolnshire (revisited)

Started by propertyfag, May 16, 2008, 07:47:11 AM

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Man, what's going on with all these revisited episodes? It's good to see where people are now, but they waste time by spending 40 mins showing the original development they did. What's the point? I'm starting to think Property Ladder genuinally did have a lack of volunteers this year because of the struggling market!

Anyways, this weeks episode...

This week, Sarah Beeny revisits Philip Martinson and Stephen Hodgkinson from the very first series, way back in 2001. Then, they'd just given up secure jobs for a new career in property.

Seven years ago, in the first series of Property Ladder, barrister Stephen Hodgkinson and make up artist Philip Martinson swapped the high life in London for a wreck of a barn in rural Lincolnshire. They'd forked out £55,000 on a shell - a former dairy, 30 minutes drive from the city of Lincoln. Despite a severe lack of relevant experience, they planned to turn it into a luxury family home.

After holding out for six months, Philip and Stephen managed to sell for more than their original asking price. They also sold the plot next door for more than they bought it for, making them a total profit of £135,000.

In 2004, they redeveloped Wickentree, a Georgian house in Lincolnshire, and in 2006, another barn, in their now trademark style.

Seven years on, developing their own properties has given Philip and Stephen a real edge in the residential design business. It's given them the impetus to branch out into designing bars and restaurants in both London and Lincoln.

They've also worked with another developer to do the interior design for a further six properties. It's clear that these two have a real talent for design.

Here's pictures of their first development. They did a pretty decent job.



Anyone bother watching it?  :D