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Software Package used on Property Ladder

Started by propertyfag, April 22, 2008, 10:31:59 AM

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Someone asked me which software package is used on Property Ladder. Does anyone have any idea?

I'm talking about the visual, animated plans they show of the projects, to demontrate what the property will look like after the development.

Any clues?


No idea Fag but i would also like to know


Yeah, it's a pretty nifty piece of software.

Must be some kind of 3D animation package like 3D Studio max, only more specific for property...


I always thought it was Sketchup but I've never really known.

I did this on my uni course and found it very easy. You can download it for free here - all my uni friends use the Google version.


Oh wow, I've never knew about that Sketchup Google app, that's pretty cool!

I wonder if there is anyway we can find out what software they use!


Apparently this isn't an uncommon question. A few forums have already been discussing it:

Unfortunately, no one has a scooby.

However, on the Channel 4 website there's a competition where you can win ARCON 3D Architect Software so you can Create Your Own Grand Design. Perhaps Property Ladder uses that?


I saw those too.

I think a lot of the software available is pretty similar although some are harder to learn than others, like AutoCAD.

I wonder why it's such a secret?!