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Property Ladder: 20th November- Chiswick

Started by propertyfag, November 20, 2007, 09:14:48 PM

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The property has not sold. It is on with Foxtons at 1,095,000. They are happy to accept offers. t should be priced at 950,000 to sell at 900,000 - 925,000.

It is an K property that should have been developed as two flats. It simply is not in a good part of Chiswick.

Fi they were so experienced in developing flats they should have realised that the property did not flow as a single dwelling.

Richard you put yourself in the public eye - you came across as being as wet as the rising damp shown and your partner came across as arrogant and from one of the eras that your house ended up both made the programme entertaining, which in case you didnt realise was the point of the editing.

To be a successful
developer you need to sell and move on - som times you make a loss but you always learn. You need to be taught to stand up for yourself and not be bullied by her in doors!


Wow, thanks for the update! Out of curiosity, how do you know all that?

Definiately agree with everything you said.

They must have taken quite a big hit on that property- to hold onto such a big development for so long must be extremely expensive!


Its easy - google the address, the property is listed as being withn Foxtons, call them say you are interested, say that your budget is 950 ish and is there any pointy in wasting time if that kind of offer is not going to be accepted. The agent usually lets you know if it is going to fly.

The biggest problem is that the property is finished well but it is in a poor area of W4. There is nothing the vendor can do about that. At this stage they are probably down so much that changing the accomodation into two flats is likely to be beyond financial reach. This, coupled with their ego means that they will be holding out for their price.

I wager that if they continue not to face the reality of what the property is worth then they will be in it this time next year. Thanks to their own actions and behaviour we all know what the property is like and the comments people have made on screen. Rather than wow factor this one has more of a  "why?" factor.


Quote from: safeashouses on September 18, 2008, 07:02:10 PM

I wager that if they continue not to face the reality of what the property is worth then they will be in it this time next year. Thanks to their own actions and behaviour we all know what the property is like and the comments people have made on screen. Rather than wow factor this one has more of a  "why?" factor.

So true.

I think the nation was watching that episode with their mouths wide open, and their hands covering their eyes. It was car crash TV!


Aside from being abit showvenist safeashouses about her in doors, I totally agree with you.

I think they will be probably blaming the editing of the show right now for there house not selling, because everybody knows its the house from property ladder. Its hard not to feel sorry for them.... but then again it isnt when you remember them terrible tiffany wall lights.


Hi again, saw the request for an update.

I believe there have been some repeats and I know that the programme went out abroad, had some phone calls from Australia.

We survived the winter without any floods so the property is well and truely tested. We took the property off the market for a while as prices were dropping but are now thinking of putting it back on. We're going to be more cautious this time and not jump in with the estate agent that gives us the highest valuation, certainly our mistake last time as we were accused of being greedy rather than just taking the highest price given to us.

Anyway the drop in interest rates has saved us as we can afford to live here which is a relief.

Property Ladder have asked us for a re-visit, maybe after we've sold and maybe not  ;)



Any other questions/clarifications ? Happy to answer


Question: Why not two flats


There is a private desked area with no overlooking windows plus skylights letting additonal light into the basement rooms including the bathroom and bedrooms. As the downstairs flat owner would you want the possibility of the upstairs neighbour looking into the skylights and over the balcony into your now no longer private space ?

Question: Why in council estate (incorrect views from other people)


Chiswick Village is not a council estate, it is a private 30's development with a community of young professionals through to retired people, there are social BBQs and games on the green and it is a short walk to the Thames with it's riverside pubs and restaurant and local shops. Kew is also just over the bridge. Two railway stations and three tube stations are within walking distance and it is easy to get on the M4 for easy access out of town. Agreed the Gunnersbury area is not in the heart of Chiswick, but at the time we could not afford the prices of properties in that area but a mile away is hardly a trek.


Just to finish off the discussion, we sold at the bottom of the market for the value that Property Ladder put on the property at the top of the market and yes we're now off to Australia, visa has been applied for and got and currently looking for work so we feel that the project was a success


ahhh I see, they didn't target the right market geographically! I'm looking forward to it.
Sunshine Coast real estate


Do not watch the show, but the food is nice. Its a lot of money, though. Too.still strange house from outside as well havn't we all had the same taste very good. The world would be a very boring life if we did. I am sure one day that joint selling


In packed cities where space is at a premium, basement excavations are growing in popularity. They're an effective way to add serious square footage, but they're also very expensive and shouldn't be done unless you're sure you can see a return in the property.


Strange, yes, well, poor chaps, but just as well that we all haven't had the same taste very good. the world would be a very boring place to live if we did. I'm sure one day that joint selling.


Just watched old episodes of Property ladder and was curious to find out how much this house actually sold for.  I came across your thread and felt the need to share the info for those who never found the answer....

They put it back on the market at £999,950 in August 2009 and it sold for £965,000 in November 2009.