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New Season Of Property Ladder

Started by propertyfag, October 31, 2007, 08:17:15 AM

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New season of property ladder is back. It kicked off last night.  Tuesday nights at 9pm, Channel 4.

I like talking about the shows after they've been aired, so I decided to create a forum about it. I'll create a topic after each episode, so we can talk about individual developments :)


If you don't mind, could please give a brief summary of the show for those who can't watch it?

Much appreciated, thanks :)


It's a property show presented by Sarah Beeny.
The idea is that people buy a rundown property, redevelop it, and then sell it on for profit. The show documents the process.


ohhhh Beenys on tonight , looks a good one


Well i guess thats a really good show.The most important thing is sarah beeny has focused more on every minute concept related to property ladder.
Thats really a wonderful show.Personally i need to go for other such types of shows in future.


Well i assumption thats a absolutely acceptable show.The a lot of important affair is sarah beeny has focused added on every minute abstraction accompanying to acreage ladder. Thats absolutely a admirable show.Personally i charge to go for added such types of shows in future.