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Tenant's New Address

Started by Carla, January 31, 2024, 09:38:54 PM

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Hi, can anyone advise me as to whether, when I do the checkout procedure with a tenant who is moving out, I should ask for their new address. I seem to remember there being a question to this effect when I had to fill in the repayment form with the DPS for another tenant some time ago. (I have a clause in the contract saying that the tenant should arrange for the redirection of mail, so it's not for this purpose). I feel awkward asking and wanted to know whether I should or shouldn't. 


"Should" you? Up to you.
Can you? Yes.


Whats the purpose as you say it's not for mail.

If you ask for it it will go one of two ways, they'll give it to you or they won't. You'll be in the same position had you not asked if they don't give it to you.


Ask for? Demand. I have a space for it in the Check Out document, and I send them that about a month in advance to prepare. You want their actual forwarding address... not for mail, who cares about that?... not a care of address either. But - at the end of the day - what can you do if they want to disappear? Not much. But why a Landlord should ever feel awkward is beyond me.