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Tenant has abandoned property and piles of rubbish. Advice please?

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Author Topic: Tenant has abandoned property and piles of rubbish. Advice please?  (Read 80 times)
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« on: September 02, 2020, 11:15:52 AM »

A tenant has abandoned a property. According to neighbours it was some months ago. I donít have an exact date.
I was periodically checking, and there was a light on. Plus Iíd been receiving most of the rent via the local authority.
I entered as one neighbour said the boiler was making strange noises.
The house. 3 bed with conservatory is in a very bad condition. Filthy mattresses etc. Piles and piles of rubbish etc. Iíve been quoted £500 to take this away.
This week Iíve already spent circa £800 on the gardens.
The tenant is also in arrears of which Iíll never see a penny of.
The tenant promised ( via messages on messenger), 4 times that she would remove her things this bank holiday weekend. Itís not gone and sheís now not even reading my messages.
I want to issue a Torts notice as soon as possible.
Does anyone have a template? And an idea of a covering letter?
Would it be advisable to use a solicitor? Iíd rather not spend extra money, I donít have a huge portfolio. The tenant will get lawyered house as she gets legal aid.
I just want my property back and let out. Any advice most welcome. Thank you.
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« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2020, 11:13:19 AM »

You will need a new address to send a notice to,otherwise you will have to use the last known one-your house.I don't think you need to add to your loss by paying a solicitor.I did one of these myself years ago.The rules may have changed,but I sent a letter to the flat,and also posted a notice on the door,giving a date by which it would be assumed the tenant had gone.I then changed the locks.Has the council stopped sending the rent? If so, she presumably told them her change of address.I don't think they would give this to you,but it could suffice to give you the go-ahead to clear rubbish.I assume she has not left anything of value behind? 
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