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hi risk?

Started by xTiax, February 06, 2024, 07:47:20 AM

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A prospective tenant forewarn'd me they had a couple of CCJ's they claimed from
parking tickets.
And offered his mum as his guarantor which she's agreed.
However is his credit check shows three CCJ's two are recent from 2023 one of which is for £9,450
Clearly more than a parking ticket my gut feeling is to walk away despite a guarantor ?


Yes. You're almost certainly being lied to.
When it comes to CCJs, a "couple" and three are not remotely the same thing.


I don't think much more needs to be said...

It sounds like someone was softening you up... giving a bit of information about CCJs that you'd accept before the real truth became known, which you might then rationalise into thinking you were so far down the path, you may as well continue.

From an objective, outsider's perspective... I'd run for the hills. CCJS, even when unsatisfied, aren't an automatic blocker... but if you owe £9,000 to someone it's starting to sound like a business debt... or... rent debt.

Consider any fee you paid for referencing gone and pat yourself on the back for doing it.


Total no- brainer at any time, let alone when there are good tenants bidding for rentals.  I never take anyone who requires a guarantor,  it means nothing when trouble arises.I also would never take anyone with uncleared CCJs, why would you risk it?   I bet he's dossing on Mum' s sofa, and she will sign any damn thing to get rid of him. 


Personally I wouldn't walk away from this prospective tenant. Running, not looking back and ignoring any communication attempts would be more appropriate.