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Free legal advice for landlords with problem tenants

Started by The Landlord, June 26, 2017, 04:26:32 PM

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The Landlord

Hi all,

Even though the following is mentioned on the main landlord blog, I thought i'd mention it in here too, where it's probably extremely relevant to many of you... (one of UK's leading landlord eviction/legal services) are currently offering Property Investment Project's "friends and followers" exclusive access to free legal advice (and special discounted rates for any of their eviction services (if required)).

LforL will give you free advice, no obligations! You can take the advice and run for the mountains. However, if you proceed to use any of their tenant eviction services, which you may or may not wish to use, including serving possession/eviction notices, taking your tenant to court, and/or instructing the bailiffs- that's where they'll make their cheese (but you'll also get special discounted rates there)!


  • PIP landlords can access some of our key services FREE of CHARGE or at special discounted rates.
  • FREE legal advice service.
  • FREE pre-court-action letters.
  • Legal services which can help you avoid the expense of solicitors' fees.

You call for Free Advice on: 0333 240 8255

Good luck to all, and I hope the advice is useful!


understood,and thankyou for providing us with this service.



Thank you, always nice to know especially as my tenants are mostly dss.



Wow, this sounds great. I will certainly make contact with them before going any further. Thank you.


Thank you for the information . Will have to contact them to see if they can sort out the mess I am in .



tenant died,daughter claims she was living at property i was not aware of this did not ask and has no written permission,she will not leave the property,her mother was 16 weeks in arrears with rent, and she has lived there 2 weeks free, any advice as i think that her and partener are tresspassing, any advice






Hi.  Just wanted to let people know that I rang Legal for Landlords for advice.  They were fab, as is this website for recommending them!

Many thanks.


Hi I am trying to evict my tenant I have served a 30 day notice  as that what was signed in the tenancy agreement but I have gave him two months but I don't have the any of the documents like the epc  certificate have protected tenant deposit as never paid one and a how to rent guide at beginning of the tenancy as was helping some one out and did not realise you needed these how do I sort this out or what do I do many thanks simon



Please could you start a new thread with your question.

You've jumped on the end of this thread, which is about the provision of "Free legal advice for landlords with problem tenants"



Call scheduled for today - thank you for setting this up.



Hi, I (Landlord) need tenants removed or evicted that someonelse(subletter) put into the property without my consent. There is no contract between me and tenants or the subletter. Does anyone know of a good lawyer to evict the tenants please?

Ian Mc

I wish to evict a tenant.
I took what I intended to be 6 weeks rent in advance, but put it in the "deposit" paragraph of the tenancy agreement. It was my mistake and I have to accept that. It is unlikely the court would regard it unfavourably to the tenant. I tried to return the money but the tenant refused to accept it. The s21 Notice is, therefore, invalid. The money was never paid into a Deposit Scheme.
I would still like to evict the tenant. She is a nuisance tenant - but I would prefer not to have to go down that route.
I realise that I was wrong in describing the advance rent as a deposit.
How best do I now proceed with serving Notice on her to quit?


Unless you return the money, you will not be able to use a section 21 notice, full stop.
So you need to find actual grounds for a section 8 notice, or persuade the tenant to want to leave, which would normally require a very significant financial incentive.

Ian Mc


sounds very much like I could be needing these services , great information thanks