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Anyone let their property to Clearspring Ready Homes?

Started by rainbow462, March 02, 2024, 02:12:09 PM

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Hi folks

I'm considering letting a property to the Clearspring ready homes who are contracted by the Gov't to supply housing to asylum seekers etc.   I've studied the draft contract and plan to get a legal view on it before proceeding but other than a few oddities such as specifying maintenance periods, rent in arrears and one month notice their side (3 months mine) it all seems ok. 

Just doing my research and wondered if any other landlord has let a property to them and your experience before/during/after? 




These schemes haven't been running for long enough for anyone to have had their property back (or had a contract terminated) so it's hard to comment.

Personally, given how the market's performing, unless they're paying over the market rate, I wouldn't consider it.