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Started by The Landlord, September 26, 2014, 11:07:48 PM

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Thank you. Read and understood


Thank you for everyone's advice so far.



Michelle knights


Well I will be honest lol joined cos ive had a legal challenge,  :Pthe world is complicated. With over a couple of decades of  bumbling from one legal learning curve to another, ive learnt a  bit its what ever drives human nature, none of us will ever learn lol I will contribute, recent experiences with let after look after your bills and after 6 months, wonder who are my accounts with lol

I rent a lot to the American forces so lots of advice there, different rules before you can rent out,, don't buy run of mill sized house, their furniture don't fit in lolie rent payments is a must for them, its US money, a black mark can lead to demotion, even court martial, so thats good.

Only ever had one  major challenge, 2 US police men disappeared from my property, turned out they were arrested for drug smuggling, sent back to states, no big deal rented the place out 2 days later. So hopefully may get an answer to me pm whichI havnt scent yet,  say I with Tonge in cheek, apologies for mis spells, got Apple Mac and its driving me to despair, far worse than any challenge with land lording lol but yeah,

Always learning, humility is a must, big ego will wipe ya out imho xxx thank you for letting me join, its been a negative experience reading other sites posts, they seem quick to condemn, and keep saying, well ive no experience...but this is what I think. and they seem to rules the groups, trolls out of the swamplands maybe?...God help us lol

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Read, understood and accepted. I've learned so much just from reading. I signed up to say Thank You for organizing the forum.



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 Thanks. Now I need to learn how to post





Quote from: Admin on September 26, 2014, 11:07:48 PM
Hi all,


Before kicking off with the inevitable list of forum rules, I just want to welcome you to the Landlord Forum Project. We (myself and all the other amazing moderators) are ALL here to help and provide support where we can.

Unfortunately, in order to keep this place functioning like a well-oiled machine we need to keep some order. Here are a few rules/requests, which we hope you will kindly abide by:

1) Please avoid being a 'one post wonder'. This is the act of posting a question, which someone kindly takes the time and effort to address, but you're never to be seen again. If someone has made the conscience effort to assist you, please make the effort to check back soon after, not only show some mutual respect, but to also inform of us of your outcome/decision. Your experience may help others in a similar situation.

2) Please DO NOT write your subject title or comment with the capslock on. It's irritating and it doesn't give your comment any form of urgency. On the contrary, it will be deleted and given zero priority. Everyone's cry for help is equally important.

3) Try to make your subject title descriptive. For example, if your tenant is in arrears and you require guidance, set your subject as something like "My tenant is 2 months in arrears"

Try to avoid ambiguous and hollow subject titles like "HELP!" 99.9% of the threads created are from people requiring some form of help.

4) The only reason we're here is to help you. We want to help you, believe me. However, in order to help you we need as much detail as possible. So if you want a genuine response to a genuine problem, please provide us with as much details as possible so you're given the best possible response. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to help someone that doesn't give us the full picture (or at least try to).

5) Many of the same questions get repeatedly asked, so before you ask your question, use the search feature and look through the archives. If you happen to ask a question that's been answered even after using the search, it's not a problem at all. But at least take a minute or two to see if you can find what you're looking for before asking your question.

6) It goes without saying that any threads/posts that consist of blatant advertising and offer zero substance will be removed immediately.

Thank you for playing ball, it's much appreciated :)


In life I am a bit of a one post wonder - sorry - I will do better here 👍🏼👍🏼 Thank you for all the work!

A Landlord


Thankyou for the add and I have read all the advice given

Simon Sheffield




Hope I've covered it right 👍🏻




Reaed and understood and thank you for having me  :) :)