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Cover up a removed fire place

Started by Shelly, December 28, 2014, 12:18:13 PM

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Good Morning
I'm very new to this site, and have just put my property on the rental market with a LA.
The fireplace has been removed, and I am left with the cavity which has now been plastered.  Apart from the plastered surface, there was also some sort of tonge and groove paneling on the wall.  It is hard to explain, but working downward from the middle of the chimney breast, there is the wallpaper, then about 6ins of panellng showing, and then the plastering in the center.  I've painted over all of it the same colour as the chimney breast, but TBH is doesn't look great with all the different textures.  I need the property to rent out fairly quickly and don't want this to put potential tenants off. I'm am no Kirsty Alsop and also fairly dreadful at DIY.  I have had a quick look online, but nothing I have seen is suitable.  Any suggestions for decorating/covering up/improving the bricked up fireplace would be gratefully received.  Unfortunately, I am on a very tight budget.
Thank you!


Get a pine mantle frame ( or make one yourself ) to just frame the area on the chimney breast. Get some mossaic tiles in the colour to match the room. Tile over the inside of the frame.... Grout.


Look at ebay

Something like this would look good.

You should also fit a vent in the board to stop damp.



I know this is an old topic, but its an important one.

As Boboff has said, you must always make sure if the fireplace is covered that it is still ventilated.  If the chimney stack has an open chimney pot, you should also consider having it replaced with the type which are closed at the top, but with ventilation louvres round the sides.  This stops rain getting down the flue, but allows air to circulate.  I believe that rather than replace the chimney pot, there are galvanised or stainless steel attachments with similar louvres that fit onto open "pots".  A good builders merchant will help you here.  I speak from personal experience, where a house we owned many years ago had had the the fire-place blocked off and vented before we moved in, but NOT the chimney pot. 
We ended up with expensive damp repairs in the chimney stack itself.