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Started by Chazza03, July 24, 2015, 03:25:57 PM

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I've had a tenant on short hold tenancy for about 15 years or more, he was recently remanded in prison, I went around to the tenants address to find it in squalor, with syringes and needles lying everywhere, and food in house and back yard rotten, he'd also been growing cannabis in there, the whole house was a complete mess, which took me 4 days to clean, so I sent him a letter in prison saying I no longer wanted him as a tennant.
Well he's out of prison now and has been to see someone from the council over illegal eviction.
Has the tenant a leg to stand on if he only signed a short hold tenancy agreement over 15 years ago, it has never been renewed from the first agreement he signed, even though the housing have been paying his rent, but suspended it in June because of changed circumstances


Hey,  Just to let you know..... YOU HAVE POSTED THIS ON THE WRONG FORUM .   Should be on LANDLORD HELP & ADVICE     This is D.I.Y.