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Carpets to clean or not to clean - that's the question?

Started by Jon, November 23, 2017, 10:45:59 PM

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Hi -New to the UK Landlord Forum, hope you can help.  I was wondering if you can help with some advice.  What are your thoughts on this....I have a tenant moving out after 2 years, all the carpets were professionally cleaned prior to move in. I'm I within my rights to ask that the carpets be cleaned when they move out?


Of course they should be cleaned.

But I assume you mean "professionally cleaned"? That just means someone has paid someone some money to do it - you realise that, right? It's not going to definitively mean it's of a better standard than someone could do with a Henry. If the carpets do not require additional cleaning - and that should be easy to assess - then it's hard to insist on it - after all, you chose to do at the beginning I presume? They didn't insist on it before they would move in 2 years ago?


It is not essential that they are professionally cleaned, simply that they are at the same standard they were when they moved in. Personally, I can give any professional carpet cleaner a run for their money with my own hoover!

- Jeff


At least you didn't say Dyson... we'd not believe you.


I'd say its probably down to yourself after a couple of years.  If you want to do it as cheap as poss then you can hire a carpet cleaner from launderette shops.  They do a great job and very reasonable.

Laura Langhorn

As a tenant and someone who is in the industry It's always requested that tenants have carpets professionally cleaned in my experience.   Whether they do it is another question!! As others have said as long as it's handed back in good condition.